Trail ride on the best horse playground in Northern California   • Halloween Costume Parade • Silent Auction • BBQ Dinner • and of course, the ever popular Donkey Plop Bingo with a $1000 prize •  the Knightly News Ale House features ales, beer, wine, spirits, our nearly famous hand shaken margaritas.


The Ride and Dine Courtyard Celebration is a great way to show your support for the Park and have a lot of fun while doing it.

CEPF relies on your support to help build and sustain this valuable multi-community asset.


Free Vendor Booth—As part of the Ride and Dine Courtyard Celebration we invite anyone who buys a Ride and Dine Admission Ticket to do a little Courtyard Commerce—set up a booth, table, or simply bring some business cards to share information about your business. Your business does not have to be horse-related to participate.   Vendor Application

Prepare thyself for Merriment!
The Dragon Egg Hunt!
All Mounted Lords, Ladies, Maidens, Knights, Knaves, Jesters, Serfs,  Cowboys and Cowgirls attending the Camelot Equestrian Park 12th Annual Ride & Dine are hereby invited to join the hunt.

The Mother Dragon’s Eggs have been stolen and placed throughout the Kingdom by the Black Knight.
Please help her find her precious eggs! You will be rewarded handsomely for your gallant efforts!


Overnight camping on Saturday night is included with your ticket!

Make a weekend out of it–Purchase Friday and/or Sunday Day Use and camping.


The Annual Ride & Dine                      

The Best Party of the Year!

Donkey Plop Bingo—$1000—Could be Yours!

Participants may purchase one or more squares at $25.00 each.

There are 100 squares available for purchase. A fenced grid of 100 numbered squares is the playing field.
If the Donkey plops on your square—You Win $1000—Yes you did read that right—One Thousand Dollars!!

Silent Auction re-purpose Challenge

All of you Creatives, Do-it -Yourselfers and Crafty Folks are hereby challenged to turn your Junk and found objects into something masterful then donate it to the Silent Auction. Will your creation bring in the highest bids?

The gauntlet has been thrown—the competition fierce!
will your costume win?

The Costume Parade alone is worth the cost of admission! These folks go all out.
You are hereby challenged to compete—huge award for the best horse and rider combination!
Start planning your costume now. The competition ranges from Oh So Cute to Utterly Ghastly!

Get valuable exposure for your Business—Sponsor  the event!

This campaign raises unrestricted funds to meet the immediate operating and maintenance needs of Camelot Equestrian Park. It is essential for bridging the gap between earned income and the annual expenses of the park.

"A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger than a man on foot."

—John Steinbeck—