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About Us

Camelot Equestrian Park offers a comprehensive full-service experience, encompassing both goods and services. The stable's primary service is year-round boarding, providing horses with a safe and nurturing environment. This includes three feedings a day, daily stall mucking, freshwater provision, cleaning of troughs as needed, and daily visual checks on horses. Essentially, we provide all the care a horse may need, allowing the owner to simply enjoy the facility. Catering to horse owners seeking a hassle-free solution for their animals' care.

Additionally, Camelot Equestrian Park  hosts specialized events such as Dressage and Hunter/Jumper shows, falling under the specialty category. These events cater to the competitive spirit of equestrians and provide a platform for showcasing their skills. Furthermore, the stable organizes wine and dine social events, blending dining with a unique equestrian ambiance, also placing it in the specialty category. We can also host a variety of other events, such as birthday parties and weddings.

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